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On 22 April, Baker McKenzie Taipei held a seminar focused on issues of climate change as part of our efforts to support this year's Earth Day theme: Climate Action. Despite of the COVID-19 pandemic which has brought many human activities to a halt, climate change is not going to stop and remains a challenging issue to 7.7 billion population on earth.

This seminar was hosted by CSR members via videoconference. The speaker provided detailed information and discussions about the firm's global carbon remission reduction goals with PPT demonstration. The key information covered during the presentation includes scientific evidence on the increase of global temperature, scenario predictions on future temperature rise, analysis of the firm's carbon footprints, and our global carbon emission reduction program. A short video talking about impact on polar bear food sources by global warming was shown to help participants better understand the impact of climate change on the ecological system is an urgent issue no one should and can afford to ignore. After the talk, there was a quiz time for participants to answer questions on what had been shared at the seminar. All winners received an environmental-friendly gift with nominal value as encouragement.

The CSR team created five action plan cards. Each card shows an action plan: educate yourself and others about environmental issues, consider eating less meat, reduce food waste, reduce fossil fuel use at home and while traveling, and be a responsible consumer. Participants were asked to pick up one or more cards and commit themselves to take actions and do something to slow down climate change.