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與婦女一起對抗家庭暴力-今年,Baker McKenzie開始與公益組織Global Rights for Women合作,進行一項全球性的公益計畫:「與婦女一起對抗家庭暴力」。



今年,Baker McKenzie開始與公益組織Global Rights for Women合作,進行一項全球性的公益計畫:「與婦女一起對抗家庭暴力」。此計畫旨在就多國家庭暴力防治制度現狀進行盤點與比較,並據以形成修法方向。此外,全球性集團(例如:3M)也參與並與Baker McKenzie協力進行此項計畫。目前Baker McKenzie各分所及合作的企業集團已合作陸續完成初步研析並計畫盡速完成此項計畫。更多相關資訊將隨時與大家分享。


Fighting Violence Against Women Together

This year, Baker McKenzie started to collaborate with an NGO, Global Rights for Women (GRW), and engaged in a global pro bono project: “Fighting Violence Against Women Together”. The goal of this project is to analyze and compare the domestic violence schemes of various countries and to propose direction for amendments to relevant laws and regulations accordingly. In addition, global conglomerates such as 3M are involved and are working with Baker McKenzie in this project. For the time being, each Baker McKenzie office and the relevant enterprises which participated in the project have completed preliminary analysis and planned to complete the project soon. Please stay tuned for more information.
Last but not least, let's also extend a big thank you to our very own lawyers for their contributions to this project – Roger Chao, Vic Yang, Rubin Chung, and Paula Hsu. We appreciate your dedication!