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街童法律資料集公益活動 - 本所與關注街童聯合會於數百名Baker McKenzie公益律師及世界各地企業協助下共同製作街童法律資料集,提供法律的線上資料庫,協助各國改善兒童權利的標準、政策及實務。



本所另參與「街童法律資料集」的全球公益活動,負責資料集的緬甸和台灣部分。法律資料集由本所與關注街童聯合會於數百名Baker McKenzie公益律師及世界各地企業如摩根大通、Google和默克等之法律團隊的協助下共同製作,提供有關全球街童法律的線上資料庫,協助各國改善兒童權利的標準、政策及實務,以配合聯合國有關「街頭流浪兒童」的一般性意見。

 身分罪 – 一般與街頭兒童相關的刑事化行為,如遊蕩、乞討 
 警方圍捕 – 警方鎖定街童的合法性,即警方圍捕街童是否為法律所禁止。
 合法身分 - 街童如何取得正式合法身分、取得的難易度及對街童享有如教育、保健等服務的影響。


Street Children Legal Atlas Pro Bono Project

Baker McKenzie Taipei office has participated in the global pro bono project "Legal Atlas for Street Children" by contributing to the Myanmar and Taiwan section of the atlas. The Legal Atlas has been created for and in collaboration with the Consortium for Street Children, with the assistance of hundreds of pro bono lawyers from Baker McKenzie and corporate in-house legal teams worldwide such as JPMorgan, Google and Merck. The Legal Atlas will be an online database documenting street child law across the globe, and will help countries improve their standards, policies, and practices concerning child rights, in keeping with the UN General Comment on Children in Street Situations.
In order to fulfil the goals above, each group of volunteers assigned country by country need to draft a "country report" which contains information relating to the following three areas:

 Status offences – criminalization of acts commonly associated with street-connected children, for example loitering, begging etc.
 Police round-ups – legality of police targeting street-connected children, i.e. are police round-ups of street-connected children legally prohibited.
 Legal identity –how street-connected children are able to obtain official legal identification, how easy it is for them to do so and the impact this has on street-connected children obtaining access to services such as education and healthcare.