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「移工求職費」 ── 現代奴役? 今年Baker McKenzie也與公益組織The Mekong Club合作,進行另一項全球性的公益計畫:「移工求職費」之分析。移工時常面臨不肖業者以「求職費」為名,進行各式欺騙剝削,致使移工為了取得工作而遭控制,最終陷於現代奴役的苦境。


「移工求職費」 ── 現代奴役?

今年Baker McKenzie也與公益組織The Mekong Club合作,進行另一項全球性的公益計畫:「移工求職費」之分析。移工時常面臨不肖業者以「求職費」為名,進行各式欺騙剝削,致使移工為了取得工作而遭控制,最終陷於現代奴役的苦境。諸多國際企業已公開承諾會將此類非法「求職費」自其供應鏈中消除。此計畫即旨在就多國移工求職費之合法性與非法現狀進行分析歸納,期能幫助企業進行有效打擊。目前研究之法域,包含:臺灣、印度、泰國、緬甸、菲律賓、印尼、中國、孟加拉,與約旦。本所已完成臺灣法域之盤點分析,刻正持續與The Mekong Club密切合作。

“Recruitment Fees” – Modern Slavery?

This year, Baker McKenzie also collaborated with an NGO, The Mekong Club, to engage in another global pro bono project: An analysis on the “Recruitment Fees”. Migrant workers looking for jobs are often subject to deception and exploitation by shady businesses through the imposition of “recruitment fees”, resulting in modern slavery. Many international companies have made public commitments to eradicate such fees from their supply chains. The goal of this project is to analyze and compare the legality of recruitment fees in various countries, so that companies can combat such practice effectively. The f jurisdictions covered in this project includes Taiwan, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines, Indonesia, China, Bangladesh, and Jordan. Our office has completed the analysis regarding the relevant regime of Taiwan and are still closely working with The Mekong Club.
Last but not least, let's extend a big thank you to our very own lawyer Hui-Heng Hong for his contributions to this project!