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身心障礙者互動經驗講座 工作場所或日常生活中均有機會接觸身心障礙朋友,但是許多人對於如何與身心障礙朋友相處才能使雙方都感到自在感到疑惑。例如給予特殊對待是否會使身心障礙朋友感到不自在或另類歧視?如給予一般對待是否會使身心障礙朋友感到不便或挫折?






How to Interact with People with Disabilities

With respect to people with disabilities, we may think that "they are underprivileged groups, they suffer a lot of inconveniences, they are unable to make a living and are a burden to their families" or "they are strong, they are fighters in life, they do not give in to their disabilities." Whether the image is positive or negative, they are thought of as "special." But is this the right image? In workplaces or daily life, we may encounter people with disabilities, but many people are unsure how to interact with them to make both sides feel comfortable. For example, whether giving special treatment to them would make them feel uncomfortable or discriminated. Whether giving normal treatment would make them feel inconvenient or frustrated. We should pay attention to the difficulties that people with disabilities may encounter.
It was our honor to invite Ms. Hsin-Ping Hong, the Secretary General of the League for Persons with Disabilities, R.O.C. (the League), to our firm to share her valuable experience on 25 November. On that day, Ms. Hong shared her experience of over 10 years in working on the rights of people with disabilities, shared her view about what is "disabilities", "special", "equality", and "discrimination" from an inspirational perspective, introduced the international treaties in the world regarding the protection of people with disabilities, and talked about some cases of improving the treatment to people with disabilities, such as setting up barrier-free facility. We all benefited from the speech. After the speech, Ms. Hong shared the microfilm made for the 30th anniversary of the League and introduced the "Human Library" program of the League. The links are below.

Microfilm: https://30th.enable.org.tw/main/video
Human Library: http://www.humanlibrary.org.tw/book