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Huashan Social Welfare Foundation and Taishi Angel Service Station Project

Miss Ding, full-time social worker and chief of Taishi Angel Service Station, came to our office to talk about Huashan Social Welfare Foundation and the plan to rebuild Taishi Station on 22 November 2019.

Established in 1999, Huashan has been devoted to social service work focused on disadvantaged senior citizens in Taiwan. The foundation has 387 stations around Taiwan, working hard to provide supplementary services to the old in need of help. By providing community-based services, Huashan hopes to help senior citizens grow old at home in the community they are familiar with.

Taishi Station was established in 2001 and has served 145 senior citizens through the years. The station is caring for 79 people by providing them home cleaning and maintenance, grocery supplies, meal delivery, basic nursing care, among others. Due to the lack of funds, social workers have no permanent presence in Taishi, a small seaside village and one of the poorest towns in Taiwan, and have to travel a long distance on a regular basis. The plan to restart Taishi Angel Service Station will greatly improve the quality and frequency of services to the local senior citizens. The foundation hopes to raise TWD 1.5 million and have received donations of TWD 195,000.