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從流浪犬貓到幸福家人 「忠誠」的犬貓陪伴,可以大大地療癒人心。但是,不幸的在2012年,全台的公立收容所卻有55,398隻流浪動物被安樂死,另外還有兩萬多隻死在收容所內。自2017年〔動物保護法〕修正後,流浪動物的命運有什麼改變嗎?我們可以怎麼做,以協助減少這種情感上令人難過的事情發生?




 828日中午,本所邀請到流浪動物花園協會的創辦人黃小姐(Rose Huang),分享她20年來,在一些義工及中途拔拔麻麻的協助下,創造出許許多多翻轉悲慘犬生/貓生為幸福家人的故事。同時,黃小姐易攜帶了教練貓及教練狗至現場,讓本所同仁與其同樂,並學習人類應該如何與貓狗互動。

From Stray Dogs to Family Member

"Loyal" dogs and cats can heal broken hearts. But unfortunately, in 2012, there were 55,398 stray animals in public refuges being put to death, and another 20,000 animals died in the public refuges. Since the amendment of the Animal Protection Act in 2017, will the destiny of stray animals be changed? What can we do to prevent these heartbreaking incidents from happening?
On 28 August, 2020 Baker McKenzie invited the founder of Doghome, Ms. Huang, to share her experiences and stories over the past 20 years about how she has helped transforming the miserable life of these dogs and cats into heartwarming family stories with the help of volunteers and adopters. At the same time, Ms. Huang also brought trained dogs and cats to the meeting venue to let our colleagues play with them and learn how to interact with dogs and cats.